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Tear Offs / Re-Roofs

We are experienced in removing many types of roofing materials and installing your new roof of choice.  We stand behind our service and all of our new roofs come with workmanship warranties that give you piece of mind.  We are more than happy to consult with you about any roofing project or issues that you may have.

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Repairs & Inspections

We handle all types of repairs, large or small, asphalt, steel, or EPDM.  We understand water and waterproofing, and can handle whatever issue you may be having with it.  Concerned with the overall condition of your aging roof? Ask for an inspection and you will receive an unbiased professional assessment, and advise you on whether you can repair your existing roof, or if you should replace it.  Our roof inspections provide an analysis that is more than a checklist. Roofing has changed a lot over the past 50 years, an understanding of what condition yours is in is an essential part of ownership. 

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Snow Removal & Mitigation

Concerned with the snow load on your roof?  We can help, give us a call and have it removed to prevent major ice dams, interior damage, injury to people, and property. We also install Radiant Solutions and Ray-Chem heat trace, and a variety of snow retention systems & insulated panels to help mitigate ongoing problem areas.

Ice Issues ?

We install Atlas ACFoam Nailbase, a thermally efficient closed cell rigid insulation varying in thickness (R-Value) bonded to 7/16" OSB roof decking.  It keeps the warm inside and the cold outside.  If your home suffers from poor insulation and you get severe ice damming or just have a problem area, this will help.  The extreme melting due to poor insulation goes away.  This is the long term solution if you are tired of spending money on operating heat cable and paying to have your roof cleared.  With ACFoam Nailbase your ice problems go away for good.

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Serving Carlton County & surrounding areas

Insured - licensed - bonded

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