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As a homeowner, you have expectations, we carry out our work to the highest standards at all times.  Our clients can attest to our problem solving capabilities and as a customer you can expect knowledge, reliability, and above all, craftsmanship.

Honesty & integrity are the cornerstone of our operations.  We utilize facts and over thirty years of experience to help determine what the right course of action is when it comes to your home.  If you don't need a new roof, you need to know that.  Hopefully down the road when you do need one, you will reach out to us.

Steel Tight Roofscapes was founded at 10,000ft in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  With high snow loads, ice, wind, extreme UV, massive storms, and hail, we are familiar with how stern Mother Nature can prove to be.  Strict codes are the norm for us.  We have since relocated closer to family and are proud to bring our discipline to the Northland and offer our services.  Hours of operation are 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.

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Serving Carlton County & surrounding areas

Insured - licensed - bonded

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